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We export the Coconuts Based Products like Coco peat, Coconut Copra, Coconut Shell, Coconut Shell Carbon, Garden Articles, Desiccated coconut and Coconuts.

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We make global to be healthy

Coco Products are deeply rooted from the largest Coconut city Pollachi. With the passion towards acheiving sustainability.

About us

We provide exciting eco friendly solutions for the everyday needs of business, industry and consumers by utilizing the unique quality standards of the humble coconut. We design solutions for industry and consumers that are, cost effective and environmentally friendly. We make fantastic products for green house cultivation, to grow organic food, cleanup oil spills, ans also new range products like bio filters which is all made out of Coconut husk(coir).

Why us?

Our fundamental goal is to have a sustainable growth with consciousness to ecology, thus we have been in the Organic Farming sector for the last 2 decades. We grow Organic Coconut farm in Pollachi.

  • 100% Eco Friendly Coco Products
  • Assured Quality Products
  • 12 Years of Experience
  • Eco Coir products